Takeira & Shaun Babyshower

Takeira & Shaun Babyshower

Another beautiful day to shoot a baby shower, with this being the first days of Spring and everything is beginning to blossom.  The designated venue was decorated with balloons and an elaborate candy table, with the color theme being pink, gold and magenta.

“Yeah this is a story that never gets old, it never gets boring, it’s the cycle of life that brings a blessing every time.  Motherhood is nature’s greatest gift and when it comes, the excitement and joy that’s brought with it.  All you can feel is the nurture and the love of it all.  From the glow, to the way they walk, the smile, the laughter, all you feel around this expecting mother is the beauty of it all.

Takeira walked into her venue with all smiles certainly carrying all the characteristics of an expecting mother.  She was definitely brought the  glow of excitement of being there, sharing hugs and kisses to all of her guests in her high end high heel shoes, which she eventually switched to her cute furry slippers because the feet definitely needed a break.

As I continued to take pictures throughout the event, making sure that I did not miss the moments that count, you could see that the mom to be was truly happy on the arrival of her first child, sharing this event with all of her family and friends.  As I sat her down to for  a few portrait shots, not sure on how she should pose, I coached her through each shot, hoping to capture that moment that will last a lifetime.   That is my thing capturing the moment, which is more than just taking the picture, it is about the moment that translate everything in that very second.

Congratulations Takeira and Shaun on the new addition to the family.